Tambriea...always Tambriea...always cover

Tambriea - a rich and secure kingdom with a dark past, ruled for centuries by the Tambriees. As the kingdom enters the 18th century, its secrets continue to haunt the family. King Archibald, emerging from a traumatic childhood, struggles to rule as his sons Martin and Frederick battle for the right of succession.

Martin and Frederick's festering hate consumes them, and while the family helplessly watches, their battles trigger animosity that affects the future of everyone in the palace.

When Prince Frederick travels to Antigua and returns with prophecies from a gypsy fortuneteller, a tragic accident sends the palace into turmoil.

While Frederick follows his destiny, lusting after a woman he can never have, his father encourages his marriage to a Spanish princess he despises. King Archibald and Prince Frederick become estranged, and their differences threaten to destroy the kingdom. As King Archibald falls into the same pattern of lust that plagued his ancestors, a bastard sibling Frederick never knew of proves his father's ultimate betrayal.

Searching for his "woman always" that his prophecy in Antigua promised, Prince Frederick descends into depths of despair. As he emerges and claims his "woman always," an attack from within the palace puts the future of Tambriea in jeopardy. While the Tambriee family fights to survive, Frederick makes choices that will destroy the people he loves.